Arcade Game Couple Coupons

Undertale Couple Coupon - HawaiiA client wanted to gift her boyfriend a set of unique couple coupons! Since they are both very much into games, particularly Undertale, which features the exaggerated pixels and a fairly undefined, playful inconsistency in the game.

I had a lot of fun making a very digital arcade-inspired set of illustrations for the cards. She gave me her bucket-list of activities and I brainstormed the illustrations and even some of the wording for each card. I even featured their favorite characters on a few of the cards! The heart pattern was printed on the back of each 5″x7″ card to really tie the set together. I always enjoy an opportunity to stretch my brain and illustration/design creativity into a different style! This was a very fun, different style for me! Peruse all of the cards below:


Undertale Couple Coupon - 1 Hearts